chapter  4
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Participatory Ergonomics and Comfort

Part of this chapter is based on Vink, P., Lourijsen, E., Wortel, E. and Dul, J. (1992) “Experiences in participatory ergonomics: Results of a round table session during the 11th IEA congress.”


, 35(2): 123-127. See also: http://www.tandf.

As stated before, comfort is seen in this book as a subjective phenomenon. The comfort or discomfort of a product can therefore be evaluated only by the user. A product in itself can never be comfortable. That is why much attention is paid to

how a user should be involved in the design process. End users should be involved because they have unique insights into their tasks, work, or activities. This involvement of stakeholders such as end users is addressed in

participatory ergonomics


and a separate chapter is devoted to this topic. With the help of participatory ergonomics, the design process can be designed with special attention on how to take the participants into account, especially end users.