chapter  7
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Reducing Discomfort in Installation Work

Parts of this chapter are reprinted from Jong, A.M. de and Vink, P. (2002) “Participatory ergonomics applied in installation work.”

Applied Ergonomics

, 33: 439-448. (Copyright 2002, with permission from Elsevier)

Incidence of sick leave and musculoskeletal discomfort among installation workers is high (Jong and Vink 2002). Installation work is done as part of construction and maintenance, and it could involve installing central heating, installing electrical systems, plumbing, or making regulation systems for the process industry. Part of this work is done in work stations at the company location, but mainly it happens at the construction sites. Conditions at these sites vary greatly. Often the work is done under time pressure because clients want to use the installed systems as soon as possible.