chapter  8
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Dynamic Thermal Assessment

The purpose of this chapter is not just to summarize studies on dynamic thermal assessment (DTA) [aka dynamic infrared imaging (DIRI) or dynamic thermal imaging (DTI)] published since 1987, but to present this topic from a general, critical perspective, focusing on studies published since 2000, which have significantly extended the scope of this promising biomedical technique. The latter most interesting achievements have not been reviewed up-to-date in the context of DTI. This chapter is not a tutorial on DTI or DTA, replicating previously published reviews. Interested readers are, therefore, encouraged to consult appropriate review papers pointed out below. Further, since this chapter is likely to be the last first-hand account of the history of DTI, written by the person who conceptualized and initiated this field of endeavor, it will include historical details that were not published before. The nature of this chapter also allows the author to include personal views on some of the topics discussed.