chapter  13

Model Predictive Control of a Flexible Robot

WithT. Fan, C.W. de Silva


Robots are mechatronic devices whose control is directly related to proper operation. Structural flexibility adds an extra complexity to the underlying control problem. In this chapter, we present a model predictive control (MPC) strategy for motion control of a flexible-link robotic manipulator. In Section 13.2, the dynamic model for a prototype flexible-link manipulator system (FLMS) is developed. Section 13.3 presents the new MPC algorithm, its underlying strategy, and issues related to the application of MPC in the motion control of flexible-link robot manipulators. Section 13.4 describes the experimental test bed of a flexible-link robot manipulator designed and developed in our laboratory. This robot is employed to implement and investigate the MPC scheme developed here. Section 13.5 gives the simulation results for a single flexible-link robot manipulator under control of the MPC scheme. Concluding remarks are given in Section 13.6.