chapter  15

Robotic Tasks Using Discrete Event Controller

WithN.W. Koh, M.H. Ang, S.Y. Lim


Robots are practical mechatronic systems that execute their tasks with the assistance of a control system. In particular, task execution can be facilitated by a supervisory controller. This chapter presents a supervisory controller that can be used as an aid after task planning for the execution of robotic tasks and also to carry out a validation procedure for verifying whether an operation, in terms of resources, can be successfully executed. By decomposing a task into its elemental entities, each entity (or subtask) is assigned an action primitive and is allotted to a resource. The subtasks can then be carried out by calling the respective primitives, which are monitored for completion by a checker module, from a library. Supervisory control of the robotic system is based on an improved matrix model approach, catering to the generality required in robotic systems. Because the model deals only with logical matrix multiplications, computational effort is significantly reduced.