chapter  7

TCP Connectivity Analysis in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

WithS. Adibi


Communication link forms the backbone of a mechatronic system. When operating a group of mechatronic devices for accomplishing a common task, an interdevice communication takes place through appropriate network connection. Wireless communication is particularly useful in this context. This chapter deals with the transmission control protocol (TCP) connectivity and performance issues in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). The majority of applications running on wireless links require seamless TCP connectivity to ensure continuous service from the source to the destination. Continuity of services is of vital importance during mobile-IP handoff/handover procedure in which the mobile subscriber changes the service domain, especially if Quality of Service (QoS) is required for high-performance mechatronic applications. To study the TCP connectivity in MANETs, a closer look is taken here at TCP and its different flavors and the issue of retransmission. An introduction to mobile ad hoc networks is given, and a simulation environment is set up using ad hoc elements over Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) with IPv6-style option header as part of the network protocol. The simulation results reveal how TCP’s retransmission pattern reacts during a lossy handoff/handover period.