chapter  9

Polyaniline Nanostructures

WithV.C.M. Leung, V.W.S. Wong


Network communication is crucial for communication among mechatronic devices and in complex mechatronic systems. Bluetooth technology is particularly useful in this context. Over the past few years, intensive research on Bluetooth networking has been going on at the University of British Columbia (UBC) under the Enabling Technologies for Ubiquitous Personal Area Networking project. This chapter summarizes some of the main results of this research. In the area of Bluetooth scatternet formation and scheduling, the following have been developed: (1) the two-phase scatternet formation (TPSF) algorithm and its improved variant, TPSF+, (2) the Bluescouts scatternet formation method employing mobile agents, and (3) an adaptive scheduling algorithm (ASA) for master and slave nodes in a scatternet. In the area of Bluetooth access point design, a collision avoidance scheduling (CAS) algorithm has been developed that enables high-capacity Bluetooth access points employing multiple Bluetooth transceivers.