chapter  12
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Gas Fast Reactor

ByYoshiyuki Inagaki, Takamichi Iwamura

The gas-cooled fast reactor (GFR) is one of the six promising Generation-IV nuclear energy system concepts under international development. In accordance with the Generation-IV Technology Roadmap [1], the GFR system features a fast-neutron spectrum and closed fuel cycle for efŒcient conversion of fertile uranium and management of actinides. A full actinide-recycled fuel cycle with on-site fuel-cycle facilities is envisioned. The fuel-cycle facilities can minimize transportation of nuclear materials and will be based on either advanced aqueous, pyrometallurgical, or other dry processing options. Several fuel forms are being considered for their potential to operate at very high temperatures and to ensure an excellent retention of Œssion products: composite ceramic fuel, advanced fuel particles, or ceramic clad elements of actinide compounds. Core conŒgurations are being considered based on pin-or plate-based fuel assemblies or prismatic blocks.