chapter  24
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Nuclear Hydrogen Plant Operations and Products

ByHiroyuki Sato, Hirofumi Ohashi

Nuclear hydrogen plant to be considered in this chapter is deŒned as a system which generates hydrogen utilizing the heat supplied by nuclear reactor. The nuclear reactor such as a very high temperature reactor (VHTR), sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR), and gas-cooled fast reactor (GFR) is coupled with a hydrogen production plant using thermochemical or hybrid (thermochemical + electrolytic) method. Hence, the commercial plant would be designed for cogeneration of both electricity and hydrogen. Nuclear reactors and hydrogen production plants of a commercial nuclear hydrogen plant would be built as a nuclear service area and a conventional service area, respectively, and operated according to different safety and operation requirements and by separate plant operators. Thus, intrinsic issues arise in the stability of operation in the nuclear hydrogen plant. Development of control strategy and its evaluation are one of the key items for the nuclear hydrogen demonstration.