chapter  9
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Role of Cadmium in the Etiology of Cancer of the Prostate

ByMichael R Waalkes, Sabine Rehm, Timothy P. Coogan, Jerrold M. Ward

Exposure to cadmium, a very toxic metal, continues to be a substantial envi­ ronmental and occupational concern. Cadmium has several diverse acute and chronic toxic effects (29,30), including carcinogenicity (47,98,101). Cadmium was recently accepted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a human carcinogen (47), primarily based on activity as a pulmonary carcinogen (82). Cadmium is also an effective and potent rodent carcinogen and has been as­ sociated with tumors of the lung, testes, and hematopoietic system among other possible sites (47,96,98,101).