chapter  34
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Left atrial appendage occlusion

WithYves L Bayard, Stefan H Ostermayer, Horst Sievert

In patients with non-rheumatic atrial fibrillation, more than 90% of all thrombi are isolated to or originate in the left atrial appendage.1 Percutaneous left atrial appendage occlusion has been performed since 2001 to prevent thromboembolism in patients who are suboptimal candidates for long-term anticoagulation treatment. Three devices have been used for left atrial appendage occlusion by catheter technique: the PLAATO™ system (ev3, Inc, Plymouth, MN), the WATCHMAN®

left atrial appendage system (Atritech, Inc, Plymouth, MN), and the Amplatzer® Septal Occluder (AGA Medical Corporation, Golden Valley, MN). So far, left atrial appendage closure has been performed in more than 1000 patients, predominantly within international multicenter studies.