chapter  17
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Pharmacodynamics and the Treatment of IMD-Related Infections

ByRoger Finch, Sarah Gander

The efficacy of antimicrobial therapy is dependent upon a complex set of interactions between the drug, microorganism, and host. To be clinically effective it is essential that therapeutic drug concentrations are achieved at the site of infection in addition to inhibiting microbial growth. Likewise, the host plays a critical role, not only with regard to innate defences to counter infections, but in the manner in which the drug is handled and eliminated by the body. These pharmacokinetic characteristics have importance in predicting the efficiency of an agent. The classical pharmacokinetic parameters include the characteristics of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of a particular drug. Combined with other factors such as the dosing

regimen these parameters are useful in determining the time course of the antibiotic in serum and other body fluids.