chapter  17
Tapping into the Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Tissue Gold Mine for Individualization of Breast Cancer Treatment
ByMark Abramovitz, Brian Leyland-Jones
Pages 15

It is now clearly recognized that breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease that

requires personalized targeted therapy in order to have the greatest impact on

survival. This necessitates the development of biomarkers that can be used to

predict outcome and response to therapy. Unfortunately, very few biomarkers

have made their way from the research bench to the clinic. The main reason for

this is that in order to validate breast tumor markers, large sample sets from well-

defined patient groups are required, although this could be overcome by tapping

into large numbers of well-defined banked tumor specimens. The efforts that are

being made, though, toward the development of biomarkers in order to improve

the assessment of cancer prognosis and diagnosis are great, given the enormous

potential that they embody.