chapter  17
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Other Privacy-Preserving Techniques and Future Trends

Closely related, but orthogonal to PPDP, is the extensive literature on inference control in multilevel secure databases [87, 125]. Attribute linkages are identified and eliminated either at the database design phase [104, 115, 116], by modifying the schemes and meta-data, or during the interactive query time [59, 223], by restricting and modifying queries. These techniques, which focus on query database answering, are not readily applicable to PPDP, where the data holder may not have sophisticated database management knowledge, or does not want to provide an interface for database query. A data holder, such as a hospital, has no intention to be a database server. Answering database queries is not part of its normal business. Therefore, query answering is quite different from the PPDP scenarios studied in this book. Here, we briefly discuss the interactive query model.