chapter  1
26 Pages

Advances in Cardiovascular Toxicology

ByY. James Kang

Cardiovascular toxicity is virtually associated, directly or indirectly, with all chem-

icals and drugs that cause deteriorating effects in mammalian system. However,

cardiovascular toxicology has not been fully developed until recently. The signifi-

cance of cardiovascular toxicity in environmental health, clinical practice, and drug

discovery and development had been underestimated. There were not enough clinical

and environmental studies that addressed the issue of cardiovascular toxicity, and

drug discovery and development had largely ignored the concern of cardiovascular

toxicity. However, over the past decade, cardiovascular toxicity has become a

growing concern of clinical practice, environmental health, and drug discovery and

development. There are several review articles that have provided some current

knowledge of cardiovascular toxicology (1-4). In this book, advances in different

aspects of cardiovascular toxicology are presented in respective chapters. In this

chapter, a general view of new understanding of cardiovascular toxicology will be

discussed with a focus on basic concepts and critical areas that significantly affect the

advances in cardiovascular toxicology.