chapter  16
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Heat Transfer and Air Flow in a Domestic Refrigerator

WithOnrawee Laguerre

This chapter presents the state of the art of knowledge on heat transfer and airflow by natural convection in domestic refrigerators. Product temperature is a quality and safety-determining factor. It is therefore necessary to fully understand the mechanism of heat transfer and airflow. A. J. N. Khalifa presents a literature review of natural convection heat transfer correlations for vertical or horizontal plates. Heat exchange by radiation between internal walls of the cavity is as important as that achieved with natural convection and this should be taken into account. Literature concerning heat transfers in porous media and in packed beds presents several approaches taking into account heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. The heat exchanges inside the cavity are governed by natural convection between internal walls and air, radiation between evaporator and the other walls and conduction within the walls. Heat transfer by radiation occurs between the evaporator and the other walls.