chapter  14
22 Pages

Future of parenteral manufacturing

ByJames Agalloco, James Akers, Russell Madsen

We began the development of this chapter with an open mandate from the editors. We were asked to consider what parenteral manufacturing might be like in the future. As we had all separately and sometimes collectively developed papers and presentations on various elements of this subject, we believed we were up to the task (1,2). Our opening discussions revealed we had a substantial amount of work to do. We considered many more subjects for inclusion; the one’s we have included met two important criteria. First, we were unanimous in our belief that they would be relevant in the next 10 to 15 years; and second, one or more of us felt sufficiently well versed in the technical area to make a meaningful effort as to what the future circumstance might be. The result is what you see here, a collection of brief essay’s outlining what might be the state of the art in the not too distant future. We had one consolation in developing this, unlike a technical paper or even a commentary, references to what we are predicting would be beneficial, but their absence is a reflection of the future tense of this entire chapter. Undoubtedly, we will be wrong with respect to some portion of the following, but since we have made a rather substantial number of predictions, some of them might be completely accurate. Your difficulty as a reader will be to decide which is which, an effort that will be increasingly easier as the future becomes the present.