chapter  20
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Gelatin-Based DNA Delivery Systems

ByLuis Brito, Sandra Chadwick, Mansoor Amiji

INTRODUCTION Gene Therapy and Delivery Vectors On the basis of the central dogma of molecular biology, gene therapy is broadly considered as the delivery of nucleic acid constructs for changes in the protein expression levels. There are many potential targets of gene therapy in treating systemic diseases such as cancer, inflammatory conditions, and cardiovascular diseases (1-3). Nucleic acid constructs including plasmid DNA, small interfering RNA (siRNA), antisense oligonucleotides, ribozymes, aptamers, and other constructs by and large require a delivery system for highly efficacious therapeutic applications. There are a few applications where naked nucleic acid constructs have been used with success, but these are quite limited (4,5). The use of naked plasmid DNA or siRNA for treatment of cancer, inflammatory diseases such as colitis or arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases such as restenosis show no change in disease state or require very high amounts of nucleic acid constructs for effective therapeutic response (6,7).