chapter  19
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Retrievals of Turbulent Heat Fluxes and Surface Soil Water Content by Remote Sensing ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

ByGeorge P. Petropoulos, Toby N. Carlson

Earth’s land surface and atmosphere are under a constant exchange of energy, momentum, and water via the ux of sensible heat (H; the heat energy transferred between the surface and air when there is a difference in temperature between them) and latent heat (LE; the ux of heat from the Earth’s surface to the atmosphere that is associated with evaporation of water at the surface and plant transpiration). Soil water content is dened as the water content available in the soil prole of a specic depth. Accurate knowledge of both LE and H as well as soil water content are of great importance in a large number of regional-and global-scale applications, such as monitoring of plant water requirements, plant growth and productivity, and management of irrigation and cultivation procedures (Dodds, Meyer, and Barton 2005; Consoli, Urso, and Toscano 2006). Such data are also of key signicance in the numerical modeling and prediction of atmospheric and hydrologic cycles and in improving the accuracy of weather forecasting models (Jacob et al. 2002).