chapter  8
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Nuclear Hydrogen Production by Thermochemical Cycles

ByGreg F. Naterer, Kamiel S. Gabriel, M. Lewis, S. Suppiah

This chapter focuses on thermochemical cycles of hydrogen production, particularly the copper-chlorine cycle. Over 200 thermochemical cycles have been identied previously (McQuillan et al. 2002). Lewis and Taylor (2006) reported that a survey of the open literature between 2000 and 2005 did not reveal any other cycles. Very few have progressed beyond theoretical calculations to working experimental demonstrations that establish scientic and practical feasibility of the thermochemical processes. After considering factors of availability and abundance of materials, simplicity, chemical viability, thermodynamic feasibility, and safety issues, a number of cycles were identied in a nuclear hydrogen initiative (Lewis and Taylor 2002) as the most promising cycles.