chapter  7
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Attracting Private Investment for Lunar Commerce: Toward Economically Sustainable Development

ByPaul Eckert

Paul Eckert, PhD holds the position of international and commercial strategist within the Space Exploration division of The Boeing Company. In this role, Dr. Eckert develops strategies to strengthen global business relationships and explore new commercial markets. He serves as coordinator of the international Space Investment Summit Coalition, which presents events linking investors and entrepreneurs in order to encourage investment in entrepreneurial innovation. Within the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Eckert chairs the Emerging Markets Working Group of the Space Enterprise Council. He also chairs the Entrepreneurship and Investment Technical Committee of the International Astronautical Federation and acts as commercial coordinator for the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, which is chartered by the NASA Advisory Council. Having joined The Boeing Company in 2003, Dr. Eckert’s prior roles have involved space exploration planning, infrastructure design, Earth observation, space science, government relations, and communications. Previously, within the U.S. Department of Commerce, he helped promote the growth of the commercial space industry, as part of the Office of Space Commercialization. Earlier, in the NASA Office of Legislative Affairs, Dr. Eckert coordinated liaison with the U.S. Congress involving space and aeronautics research, information technology, systems engineering, and technology transfer to industry. Prior to this, he served as science and technology advisor to U.S. Senator John Breaux, a key member of the Senate Commerce Committee, with jurisdiction over NASA. Dr. Eckert holds a bachelor’s degree with high honors from Harvard University and a doctoral degree from Michigan State University.