chapter  13
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Anthropology: Physical and Cultural Adaptation in Outer Space

ByMelchiorre Masali Marinella Ferrino Monica Argenta Margherita Micheletti Cremasco

Melchiorre Masali is a retired professor of physical anthropology at the Turin University. Starting from a technological background, his works concentrate on the analysis and interpretation of the interaction of Man with the natural, cultural, technological and outerspace environment and adaptive variations of the early and recent populations. His studies are particularly focused on the relationship of Man with the artificial environment, based on the problematic of the interpretation of body architecture, posture and shape. He is an honorary member of the Italian Society of Ergonomics (SIE), Physical Anthropologist of Universita di Torino, SIE Italian Ergonomist Society scientific board member, Human Factor Consultant of Thales Alenia Space Italia.