chapter  27
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A Self-Sufficient Moon-Base Analogue ................................................. Niklas Järvstråt

Niklas Järvstråt has been active in international research projects since 1993, as participant, project leader, and coordinator, and has led several national fatigue research projects. In 1994, he commenced research and networking directed towards the establishment of a self-sufcient human settlement on the moon. In the meantime, he has also developed and implemented methods for technology management and quality control at Volvo Aero. He was one of the driving forces in forming UTMIS-the Swedish fatigue network, serving as vice chairman 2000−2002. Dr. Järvstråt has established a major national conference on life prediction procedure and theory, arranged for the tenth consecutive year in October 2004. He is associate professor and head of the Division of Production Engineering at University West in Trollhättan, Sweden, and leader for the welding research group at the Swedish Production Technology Centre (PTC). Publications include topics in high temperature material modeling, technology management, quality control, fatigue and residual stress calculation. Currently (2008), he is in the process of starting up activities at the “Moon-Mine,” Storgruvan in Pershyttan, Sweden, with the aim of creating a completely self-sufcient underground moonbase analogue before production starts on the moon in 2020, and then to run operations in parallel with the base on the moon, anticipating and solving problems without the dangers of external vacuum and isolations of the moon.