chapter  40
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Deployment of Greenhouse for Long-Term Lunar Base

ByVadim Y. Rygalov Patrick Stoffel

Vadim Y. Rygalov, PhD is a biophysicist and has worked in the area of Closed Ecological Systems (CES) for long-term Life Support (LS) since 1989. He received a PhD in multi-level systematic analysis of environment-sea organisms interactions from the Institute of Biophysics SB RAS (KrasnoyarskCity, Siberia) in 1987. During his science-research career he was involved in a variety of projects related to multiple interactions between live organisms and their environments, including development of a Low Pressure Martian Greenhouse (MG) prototype at KSC NASA, 1999−2004. Currently he is an associate professor in the Department of Space Studies at University of North Dakota.