chapter  44
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Lunar Concrete1

ByMartina Pinni

Martina Pinni is a registered architect with an interest in high-tech buildings, extreme environments, and spinoff applications of space technology in building construction. Her thesis in architecture focused on an interior design for a space habitation module (2000). Her professional experience includes 6 years of technical and commercial positions in façade engineering, architectural design, and research (2001−2007). Teaching experience includes three semesters as faculty assistant of building technology at the University IUAV of Venice (2006−2007), and current position in astronaut training-structures, thermal control, life support system, emergencies-at ESA-EAC Cologne for the International Space Station project (2008-present). She earned a Laurea (M. Arch.) from the University IUAV of Venice (2000), an MS from the University of Houston, Space Architecture (2004), and attended the ISU SSP’07 at BeiHang University in Beijing (2007).