Utilization of aggregate production waste filler in cold recycling mix optimization
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ABSTRACT: Cold recycling techniques continue to become standard technology used for Czech roads rehabilitation. Generally combination of bituminous emulsion and cement or foamed bitumen and cement is applied. The portion of cement should be according to the technical specifications 3-5%. The reason for this fairly high content can be explained by the most frequent use of this technique in pavement structure-bearing capacity increase and sub-base improvement. On the other hand the industry of aggregate production is at the moment confronted with the issue of waste production. To achieve reasonable cut-downs it is necessary to find industrial utilization for waste products or by-products. One of such byproducts might be waste filler-fine particles gained during washing and cleaning of crushed aggregates. During an ongoing research this material has been used in cold recycling mixes together with reclaimed asphalt (RAP). Results demonstrated on selected characteristics of cold recycling mix with both binder systems is discussed in the presented paper. The waste filler has been used as substitution of RAP as well as an partial alternative for cement. Especially in the second case important results have been reached improving the mix performance and reducing the content of valuable cement in the mix.