chapter  2
Testing and modeling the influence of climate and ageing effects Developing a test method for the accelerated ageing of bituminous mixtures in the laboratory
ByN. Piérard & A. Vanelstraete
Pages 10

ABSTRACT: Various standardized test methods for binders are available to simulate in the laboratory both the ageing of bituminous binders during mix manufacture and laying and their ageing on site in a bituminous mixture in service. However, there is currently no standardized test method for the laboratory ageing of an entire bituminous mixture. Research was, therefore, undertaken to develop a test method for the reproducible laboratory ageing of bituminous mixtures in a relatively short time. Materials (mixture, binder, aggregate) were sampled on site during the laying of new surface courses, and ageing tests were performed at 60°C on mixtures in bulk. This contribution will describe the development of the new method and its potentialities. The new method is also compared with the RCAT (Rotating Cylinder Ageing Test, EN 15323) ageing method for binders.