chapter  1
Evaluation of binder properties Laboratory study on interlayer bonding using cationic tack coats
ByC. Raab & M.N. Partl
Pages 10

ABSTRACT: The paper summarizes the results of a laboratory study in which a cationic tack coat was used between two layered specimens. The specimens were produced with a roller compactor and the adhesion of cores taken from the specimens was evaluated by means of direct shear testing according to Leutner. To evaluate the limits of the application of tack coats dirt and moisture was applied between the two layers before and after the application of a tack coat. In addition, the influence of tack coats on fine milled surfaces and the influence of curing time on the bonding properties were investigated. It could be shown that especially in the case of dirt and moisture-common phenomena on construction sites-tack coats have a great potential to secure and improve adhesion properties. Contrary to the benefit of tack coats on dirty and wet surfaces the advantage of tack coats on fine milled surfaces is doubtable.