On the fracture properties of epoxy asphalt mixture with SCB test
ByX. Chen, H. Li & Z. Qian
Pages 10

ABSTRACT: The fracture properties of the thermo-setting materials of epoxy asphalt mixture were evaluated based on J-integral concept and ultimate strength. The results were compared to that of HMA with thermo-plastic binder materials. Totally 60 specimens cored from SGC with different notches were tested with SCB test under a temperature of −10°C and 20°C. IDT test was adopted to compare the capability of SCB test in characterizing tensile strength of epoxy asphalt. The experimental results reveals that epoxy asphalt mixture has a super higher resistance of fracture at low temperature than thermo-plastic HMA due to its super high tensile strength and flexibility, and the influences of temperature on the fracture resistance of EAM is not as significant as that of thermo-plastic HMA. Good repeatability of SCB test results indicates the capability of the SCB test to be useful for measuring the fracture toughness of epoxy asphalt mixture.