Evaluation on the shear performance of asphalt mixture through triaxial shear test
ByJ. Yang, H. Zhu & Z. Chen
Pages 10

ABSTRACT: As one of the primary distresses of asphalt pavement on highways, rutting is caused by the shear flow of asphalt concrete, which makes the study of the shear strength of asphalt mixtures is urgent and meaningful. This paper carries out a study on the shear properties of asphalt mixtures through Triaxial Shear Test and Triaxial Repeated Load Test. Also, the relationship between different shear strength indexes is discussed. What’s more, rutting index is also reviewed. The results show that such factors as gradation type, asphalt content, asphalt properties and temperature have a notable influence on the shear strength of the asphalt mixtures. Shear strength decreases in an exponential manner along with the increase of loading passes, and the correlation between shear strength index and rutting index also shows itself a well-fitted logarithmic function.