chapter  10
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Dielectric Relaxation of Block Copolymers

The combination of chemically distinct species in a block copolymer notably in­ fluences the physical properties of the resulting material (1). In general, the phase behavior of block copolymers is controlled by two factors: (a) polymerization stoichiometry and (b) the Flory-Huggins interaction parameter (x) of the two com­ ponents that form the block copolymer (2). The first factor determines both the concentration of each copolymer ( / ) and the degree of polymerization (N). De­ pending on the values of the product x^Vand on the/parameter, block copolymers may suffer an order-disorder transition (ODT) as temperature is varied, from a disordered state, in which both components are mixed, to a locally segregated state, in which microdomains, rich in each component, appear (2,3).