chapter  11
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Polymer Blends with Block Copolymers

ByG. P. Hellmann

In discussions on polymer blends with block copolymers, everybody inevitably seems to have the schematic picture in Fig. 1 in mind: a monolayer of diblock copolymer chains abp covers the interface between two phases of polymers A and B. The blocks a and p of the copolymer penetrate these phases selectively, en­ tangling with the A and B chains. This structure is suggested by models (1-5) and confirmed by many observations on blends and composites A/B/a/?P, where (a) the chain pairs A-B and the block pairs a-p are incompatible, which is the rule, and (b) the chain-block pairs A-a and B~p are compatible, which is often (but not always) the case if, chemically, A = a and B = p, and sometimes even if A =£ a and B ^ p.