chapter  12
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Two Multiblock Copolymer Blends

ByZbigniew Roslaniec

I. INTRODUCTION The possibility o f obtaining a homogeneous (one-phase) structure o f blends o f two or more polymers is limited because most macromolecular components are im ­ miscible. According to the classical Flory-Huggins-Scott theory, the high molec­ ular weights and the differences in chemical structures o f the polymers are the de­ ciding factors ( l ). A system is said to be compatible when one o f its components is a diblock (AB) or a triblock (ABA) copolymer in which one o f the blocks has the same structure as the other component (homopolymer A or B). Many experi­ mental and theoretical studies (2-4) have been devoted to the solution o f this prob­ lem (see also: Chapters 11 and 18).