chapter  17
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Poly(ether-ester) Block Copolymers with LC Segments

ByZbigniew Roslaniec

I. INTRODUCTION The nature o f the intermolecular interactions, or the energy level at which the molecules interact with each other, and the manner in which these interactions in­ duce molecular orientation determine polymer properties. The differences in molecular mobility between the macromolecules with various chemical constitu­ tions or segments o f the polymer chains may result in phase separation or create the condition for the formation o f the various types o f supermolecular structures, including the highly oriented forms. As is commonly known, there is a variety of morphologies o f semicrystalline polymers that directly influence the physical and functional properties o f this group o f polymers. The relation between the molec­ ular mobility o f macromolecular segments and the structure and intrinsic proper­ ties is manifested in block copolymers and liquid crystalline polymers.