chapter  3
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Block Copolymers with Polyethers as Flexible Blocks

ByErnest Maréchal

Many copolymers contain polyethers as flexible blocks, particularly poly(oxyethylene), poly(oxypropylene), and to a lesser extent poly(oxytetramethylene):

Polyamide-b/ocfc-polyether (1-24) Polyurethane-b/ocfc-polyether (7,25) Polyimide-fr/ocfc-polyether (26,27) Polyester-£/ocA:-polyether (28-37) Polycarbonate-fr/ocfc-polyether (38) Aromatic polyether-£/oc/:-polyether (39) Polystyrene-&/0c£-polyether (40-42) Poly(methyl methacrylate)-b/0c£-polyether (43) Polyacrylamide-b/ocfc-polyether (43) Polyacrylonitrile-&/0d:-polyether (44) Polypeptide-&/tfcA:-polyether (45)

They can be prepared in very different ways, as described in the following sec­ tions.