chapter  14
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ByAyhan Pala

This chronology covers the history of Central Asia from ancient times to the modern day (Table 1). The events, which occurred on this ancient continent, form an important part of world history. The chronology will help those studying the political history, economy, culture and other aspects of the region to grasp the subject matter from all aspects. It presents political history and cultural history together, and thus shows in which political conditions certain cultural artifacts arose. Given its scope, it is impossible to present this chronology in detail within the structure of an article; thus, only the most significant historical events have been presented. The dates of certain events are given differently in various sources. In the current study, the main sources of each period were used, and the researches of certain important historians were referred to, and a single date was chosen without reference to different opinions. It would be otherwise impossible to present a study, which aims to present a general idea. Readers must refer to the sources for each period for more detailed dates.