chapter  5
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Child Neglect in One-Child Families from Suzhou City of Mainland China

Child neglect is the failure of a parent or a caregiver in a parenting role to meet the basic needs of the child, which poses a major threat to the child’s healthy growth and well-being [1]. The National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect [2,3] in the United States defined neglect as encompassing physical neglect, child abandonment and expulsion, inadequate supervisory neglect, emotional neglect, and educational neglect by parents, parent substitutes, or other adult caregivers of children. The prevalence of child neglect varies across countries. The rates of neglectful behavior of parents recalled by university students in 17 nations ranged from 3.2% to 36% [4]. The prevalence of supervisory and physical neglect reported by a national sample of adolescents in the United States were 42% and 12%,

respectively [5]. In the United Kingdom, 6% and 5% of young adults reported the absence of care and supervision, respectively [6].