chapter  8
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Childhood Adversity, Recent Life Stressors and Suicidal Behavior in Chinese College Students

WithZhiqi You, Mingxi Chen, Sen Yang, Zongkui Zhou, Ping Qin

Suicidal behavior in young people has become a significant public health problem and has been the focus of many studies world-wide. Consequently it is urgent to study the associated risk factors for a better understanding of this problem and to establish assessment and prevention systems. In China, suicide among young people has become a particularly serious challenge for public health. There were up to 2,000,000 Chinese attempting suicide every year, with yearly suicide casualties of 287, 000 in the period of 1995-1999 [1]. Although it is the leading cause of death for young people in China, suicide in this population has not been much investigated and relevant evidence of significant correlates is meager compared with that of western countries.