chapter  5
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Assessment of Wind Power Generation Along the Coast of Ghana

ByMuyiwa S. Adaramola, Martin Agelin-Chaab, Samuel S. Paul

Global decline in fossil fuel reserves, damaging effects of global warming, and rising energy demand due to increasing population have necessitated the need for more research and development of low-carbon sources of energy. There is consensus that wind energy is the leading alternative energy source and the fastest growing segment of the global renewable energy industry [1] and [2]. Investments in wind energy have been growing at 22% average for the past 10 years, with wind energy constituting 2.5% of the global electricity supply and projected to rise to 8-12% by 2020 [1]. Ghana is not considered a player in the wind energy sector and does not, in fact, currently produce any significant amount of wind power. Nevertheless, a conservative estimate suggests that over 1000 km2 of land area exist with moderate-to-excellent wind resource potential [3].