chapter  3
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Power Generation Expansion Planning Including Large Scale Wind Integration: A Case Study of Oman

In the planning of a power system, it is essential to estimate the operating cost and reliability of the system. To make these estimations, it is important to model the system load and generation units in an appropriate way. Power system planning is made up of the electrical load forecast, generation planning, and electrical network planning [1, 2]. The electrical load forecast forms the basis of power system planning and provides information on expected consumption increase, load curve profiles, and load distribution. The result of generation planning and electrical network can also conversely exert an influence on electrical load curve or distribution via marginal cost effort. In the planning process, major decisions in expansion planning of the generation system must consider alternative generating unit sizes, types of capacity, timing of addition, and locations. The main sources of uncertainty in strategic planning are forecasts of electricity demand, fuel prices and availability, availability and performance of new

technology, governmental policies toward privatization and regulations, and public attitudes [3].