chapter  19
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Postmortem and Forensic Magnetic Resonance Imaging

WithPatricia Mildred Flach, Dominic Gascho, Thomas Daniel Ruder, Sabine Franckenberg, Steffen Günter Ross, Lukas Ebner, Michael Josef Thali, and Garyfalia Ampanozi

Imaging modalities such as plain radiography have been used successfully for more than a century to shed light on forensic investigations. In 1895, the first case involving an X-ray of a lower extremity was admitted to court in North America. This particular case involved a shooting in the leg of an individual named Mr. Tolson Cunning, and the bullet could be located between the fibula and tibia by X-ray [1,2]. The first attempted murder that was admitted to court with radiography as evidence was a case in the United Kingdom in which a man attempted to kill his wife with four shots to the head before he committed suicide [3-5].