chapter  7
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Magnetic Nanoparticles In Polymers

WithR. А. Dvorikova, Yu. V. Korshak, L. N. Nikitin, M. I. Buzin, V. A. Shanditsev, Z. S. Klemenkova, A. L.Rusanov, А. R. Khokhlov, A. Lappas, and A. Kostopoulou

New magnetic nanomaterials have been synthesized from ferrocene-containing polyphenylenes. The cyclotrimerization of 1,1-diacetylferrocene by condensation reaction catalyzed by p-toluenesulfonic acid in the presence of triethyl orthoformiate both in solution and supercritical carbon dioxide in the temperature range of 70-200ºC is described. The highly branched ferrocene-containing polyphenylenes prepared by this procedure were used as precursors for preparing magnetic nanomaterials. This was achieved by thermal treatment of polyphenylenes in the range of 200-750ºC. The emerging of crystal magnetite nanoparticles of magnetite with the average size of 6 to 22 nm distributed in polyconjugated carbonized matrix was observed due to crosslinking and thermal degradation of polyphenylene prepolymers. Saturation magnetization of such materials came up to 32 Gsּcm3/g in a filed of 2.5 kOe.