chapter  10
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Comparison of ANN with RSM in Predicting Contact Angle of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile Nanofi ber Mat

WithB. Hadavi Moghadam, M. Hasanzadeh

Electrospinning as a simple and effective method for preparation of nanofi brous materials have attracted increasing attention during the last two decade [6]. Electrospinning process, unlike the conventional fi ber spinning systems (melt spinning, wet spinning, etc.), uses electric fi eld force instead of mechanical force to draw and stretch a polymer jet [7]. This process involves three main components including syringe fi lled with a polymer solution, a high voltage supplier to provide the required electric force for stretching the liquid jet, and a grounded collection plate to hold the nanofi ber mat. The charged polymer solution forms a liquid jet that is drawn towards a grounded collection plate. During the jet movement to the collector, the solvent evaporates and dry fi bers deposited as randomly oriented structure on the surface of a collector [813]. The electrospun nanofi ber mat possesses high specifi c surface area, high porosity, and small pore size. Therefore, they have been suggested as excellent candidate for many applications including fi ltration [14], multifunctional membranes [15], biomedical agents [16], tissue engineering scaffolds [17-18], wound dressings [19], full cell [20] and protective clothing [21].