chapter  11
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The Infl uence of Crystalline Morphology on Fractal Space Formation for Nanocomposites Polymer/Organoclay

WithK. S. Dibirova, G. V. Kozlov, G. M. Magomedov, G. E. Zaikov

It has been shown earlier [1, 2], that particles (aggregates of particles) of fi ller (nanofi ller) form network in polymer matrix, possessing fractal (in the general case – multifractal) properties and characterized by fractal (Hausdorff) dimension Dn. Hence, polymer matrix structure formation in nanocomposites can be described not in Euclidean space, but in fractal one. This circumstance tells to a considerable degree on both structure and properties of nanocomposites. As it has been shown in work [2], polymer nanocomposites properties change is defi ned by polymer matrix structure change, which is due to nanofi ller introduction. So, the authors [3] demonstrated that the introduction of organoclay in high density polyethylene (HDPE) resulted in matrix polymer crystalline morphology change, that is, in spherolites size increasing about twice. Therefore the present work purpose is the study of polymer matrix crystalline morphology infl uence on structure and properties of nanocomposites high density polyethylene/Na+-montmorillonite (HDPE/MMT). This study was performed within the framework of fractal analysis [4].