chapter  19
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The Patient Perspective

BySamantha Duffy

One question considered the timing of downloading the video images and asked whether patients viewed the video(s) straight after downloading, rather than saving for a specific point in their treatment journey (such as confirmation of pregnancy or following birth): 91 percent reported that they chose to view the images immediately, 3 percent disagreed, and free text comment suggested that a few patients would wait until their ‘12-week scan.’ In terms of key motives for electing to use time lapse embryo selection, CAREmaps, patients were asked whether the opportunity to obtain video of their transferred embryo(s) was part of their decision making: 45 percent said that the video was not part of their decision making, and 31 percent said that it was. The free text comments from patients suggested that the uninterrupted culture of embryos and improved selection methods and clinical results were the key reasons for choosing this treatment option.