chapter  405
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Rehabilitation of the Barra Bridge – the strengthening side

WithA. Rito, M. Loureiro, S. Bispo & T. Ripper

ABSTRACT: The Barra Bridge over the Mira Canal, in Aveiro, designed by Professor Edgar Cardoso in 1971, opened to traffic in 1975. Soon after, an excessive deflection of the central span longitudinal cantilevers was detected. Since then, several inspections have been carried out, revealing the existence of many other problems, especially relevant to the conservation of the bridge. The structural analysis revealed the need to proceed with a global and local strengthening of the structure. Various solutions were adopted, such as the installation of external pre-stressing in the deck and in some piers, the piers strengthening with carbon fiber laminates, the strengthening of the box girders with structural steel, the installation of viscous fluid dampers and other local strengthening solutions.