chapter  1
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Low Tunnel Technology for Vegetable Crops in India

WithA. S. Lodhi, Arun Kaushal, Kamal G. Singh

Agriculture was developed by human beings for their survival against hunger. As the time passed, human beings learnt that maximum crop yield is achieved when the crops are grown during different seasons under favorable climatic conditions. Vegetables are rich source of vitamins, carbohydrates, salts and proteins. There is a year round high demand for fresh vegetables in the country in domestic and export market due to: increased health awareness, high population growth rate, changing dietary patterns of increasingly affluent middle class, and availability of packaged vegetables. But due to unfavorable climatic conditions, there is a flood of vegetables in the season and high priced vegetables in off-season. Vegetables can be cultivated in off-season, with the introduction of green houses, low and high poly tunnel technology, in which temperature and moisture are controlled for specific growth of vegetables. The production of vegetables all around the year enables the growers to fully use the resources and supplement income from vegetable growing as compared to other normal agricultural crops.