chapter  5
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Nitrogen Fertigation in Drip Irrigated Cauliflower

WithChetan Singla, Kamal G. Singh

Cauliflower (Brassica Oleracea var. Botrys Linn.) is very popular vegetable crop and grown widely in northern India. Assured irrigation and nitrogen are the prerequisites for proper growth and development of cauliflower plant [1]. In India, the mid and late season cultivars are more popular and cultivated on a large scale. Due to glut in the market, these cultivars do not fetch lucrative prices to the growers. The cauliflower crop can be raised four times in a year. However, the production of early cauliflower is highly profitable due to nonavailability of the produce from other parts of the country. Inspite of its great importance in bringing good returns to the farmers, very scanty information is available on the agronomical aspects of this crop in greenhouses.