chapter  7
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7. A CFD Model for Polymer Fuel Cell

ByMirkazem Yekani, Meysam Masoodi, Nima Ahmadi, Mohamad Sadeghi Azad

The fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy directly into the electrical energy. Its main components are cell electrolyte, anode electrode, and cathode electrode. The electrochemical reactions performing around the electrodes and generating the electric potential lead to electric current. The oxygen reduction reaction is three time slower than hydrogen oxidation reaction. In fuel cell system with theoretical viewpoint, electrical energy can be generated regularly while the oxidant and fuel are injecting into the electrodes. Depreciation, corrosion and unsuited operation occur due to loss of the life time of the fuel cell. In this system, fuel, this is mostly hydrogen, flows in anode side and oxidant gases such as air or pure oxygen pass in cathode side.