chapter  13
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Key Concepts on Growth and Characterization of Metal Nano-Sized Branched Structures

Metal nanostructures are of great importance in nanotechnology due to their potential applications as building blocks in optoelectronic devices, catalysis, chemical sensors, and other areas [1-3]. The formation of nanostructures with controlled size and morphology has been the focus of intensive research in recent years. Such nanostructures are important in the development of nanoscale devices and in the exploitation of the properties of nanomaterials [4-7]. Many fabrication methods including chemical vapor decomposition [8], the arc-discharge method [9], evaporation [10], hydrothermal reactions [11], and so on, have been developed for the production of nanomaterials with controlled sizes and shapes. However, up to date, fabrication of position controllable nanostructures at selected positions on a substrate is still a challenge.